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ACC administration and reviews.

We review your ACC cover and invoices on an annual basis to make sure you have the best cover and correct classification.

Reviews include:

  • Review of all ACC invoices - Employer, coverplus, checking your classification and earnings are correct
  • Contact ACC on your behalf during our review and confirm any changes on your account
  • How being on the right classification can save you money
  • The choice between ACC, premiums and private insurance

We Use ACC Online calculators to compare costs and if you are starting a new business, estimate the likely cost of ACC.

Other Information

Self-employed people are classified as full-time, if they work more than 30 hours per week over a full tax year.  So therefore self-employed people who work less than an average of 30 per week over a full tax year are classified as part-time.

Partnership - Different classifications can be used for each partner to save ACC levies, e.g. A husband and wife partnership, the husband milks cows (classified as milker) and the wife does the paperwork (classified as administrator)

Mixed Earner - You are a mixed earner is your income is made up of both self-employed and employee (PAYE) earnings.

Employer - All employers are required to pay ACC levies to fund personal workplace injury cover for their employees.  This cover is called ACC work place cover.

Shareholder - Employee - You are classified as a shareholder-employee if you are both a shareholder and an employee of a company